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P-ISSN: 2708-0013, E-ISSN: 2708-0021

2022, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part B

Assessment of day old chick performance in Woreta town

Author(s): Demelash kefale, Tsegaye Mitiku, Alemu Alehegn, Tsion Bilata and Ayenalem Shibabaw

Abstract: Survey was conducted in Woreta town South Gonder zone, Amharam Regional state. A total of 20 day-old chick growers were involved of which 14 and 6 respondents were male and female participated in the surveying study, respectively. Respondents were selected by purposely based on their chick holding capacity. The objectives were to assess the day old chick performance in the study area. The simple statistical methods were used to analyze the data. The results of study Survey revealed that, 3233 (20.61%) chicks were with reduced performance by death 1811 (11.2%), disease influence 1330 (8.8%) and malformed physical state 92 (0.61%). From these 79.39% of day old chicks were survived to reach marketing age. This indicates chicks were lower in performance in the area. To reduce this problem proper chick husbandry practice must be conduct. The technical support should be providing for chick growing farmers. In addition, researchers will focuses on this field for more investigation.

DOI: 10.33545/27080013.2022.v3.i2b.86

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Demelash kefale, Tsegaye Mitiku, Alemu Alehegn, Tsion Bilata, Ayenalem Shibabaw. Assessment of day old chick performance in Woreta town. Acta Entomol Zool 2022;3(2):129-133. DOI: 10.33545/27080013.2022.v3.i2b.86

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